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    to late for clomid?

    I took my last shot of deca and sus 4 weeks ago and just recieved my clomids. Is it to late to take them? I have 36 pills and was planning on running it 300mgs day 1, 100 for 10, and 50 for 10. I dont feel like I have gotten much weaker. I see it some posts say 3 weeks and a couple say 4 weeks to start after your last shot of deca, but mostly 3. Should i alter how i take them? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks bros

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    take it starting today,its never to ;late,deca shuts you down pretty hard so a wk late is better then not at all.
    take all 6 at once on day 1 to saturate your receptors

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    How do you feel since you have been trying to recover without any help? Are you feeling tired, lethargic or depressed? But then again, it's only been 4 weeks. Your body is just now starting to drop test levels. I would take them. But you might be one of the lucky ones that recover easily post cycle. Lucky you!
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    Its never to late for clomid.

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