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    can i use a 29gauge 1/2in needle to inject test n e where on me ...i no it sounds stupid but i already had the pins layin around family member is diabetic ..otherwise how would i be able to get them fro ma drugstore?

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    sorry but no, they are just too thin, get 23x1.5 with a 3cc chamber (terumo is best in my opinion), i use those every where, delts bis,tris,quads

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    The oil is too thick. Won't go through the needle. Pins aren't very expensive. Just go to a pharmacy. You may have to try a few but you'll find what you need with enough looking.

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    flying overhead in my fina-jet...

    right at your fingertips...

    These guys are great, quick delivery, discreet packaging, and they carry Terumo also, which I think are better also.

    You can also order additional pins seperately.
    18gauge x 1 inch to draw out of the vial
    22 or 23gauge x 1 1/2 inch (3cc) with syringe
    to inject.

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