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    Estimating Side Effect Probabilities

    Not sure if there are any unwritten rules as to how long you should be around before you're technically "allowed" to start a thread, so I apologize if I'm breachinga major AR custom. Anyway, I have made the decision to begin my first AS cycle in december. This has been an informed decision that has been carefully researched (it will consist of sustanon as a base test, with deca as a compliment and d-bol to kickstart it all lasting for four weeks...the entire cycle ten). I do have some minimal concerns that this might be a bit much for a first cycle, but have received enough trusted feedback to believe it falls well within an acceptable range. While i will certainly have nolvadex on hand to deal with any problems of that nature that may arise, i'm wondering what people have experienced with regards to side effects...specifically the ability to "predict" (in as much as that might be possible) their ocurrence. I've been told by many experienced users that the side effects they experience are normally congruent with pre-existing tendencies. For example, those already having a proclivity towards hair loss or acne will very likely see those effects, while those already carrying a bit of fatty deposit in the lower chest are prime candidates for gyno. Any truth in this? I tend to smooth out and hold some water when i up creatine doses more than the average person, and i'm wondering if this is going to translate into a tendency to hold large amounts of water as a result of the deca and sus. Any comments on experiences (first or third hand) appreciated. Thanks

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    why do so many people choose sustanon for their first cyce? isnt test enanthate suppoed to be better? im not knocking anyone, but maybe im mising something.

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    Side effects always differ. What I might get, you might not get. It all depends on the person. One of my good buddys never gets bloated on any AS. I usally bloat up alot when on dbol or anadrol etc.

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    Be aware that Nolva will not block the gyno effects from Deca ! It is a testosterone imposter and it is a progesterone imposter as well. Nolva cannot block that!

    My first cycle was exactly what you've described. I had to stop the Deca at 7 weeks because of gyno! If the women in your family have large breasts chances are you're prone to gyno. It's the number of estrogen receptors in your nipple area that determines your succeptability.

    There's no way to accurately predict anyone's likely side-effects from AS usage.

    Pay careful attention to your blood pressure. If you tend to hold fluids you may want to take a diuretic such as Lasix along with the gear. If you had acne badly in high school you'll get it again on that cycle. If baldness runs in your family watch out! Take saw palmetto with the cycle! You should take ALA with the d-bol also (alpha lipoic acid - an anti-oxidant primarily aiding the liver).

    Good luck!

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