Hey, maybe its just me but doesnt it seem like too many young or should i say new people to the great world of bodybuilding are so quick to ask for cycles or new stacks. In my opinion everyone should really consider or weight all the pros and cons to these "shortcuts", i mean the "candy" aint gonna make you have a great body overnight you still gotta put some hard work into it , and its gonna last as long as you keep pumping iron anyway . just my opnion, give yourself some time let your muscle mature , i know alot a guys that did "juice" and it only lasted as long as they did it or untill they ran out of money,i aint nobodys momma but give it an honest go at it (training)first,dont look at these guys on the mags and think they did it overnight it took them years of training,nutrition,dieting,planingand yes AS, noticed how i put AS at the end?like i said just my opnion.