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    Question cycle & steroid suggestions

    hey have a few questions..... serious questions..... alright,, here what im looking to do... hopefully within the next year or so, i would like to get into modeling im 6'1...215 about 14%bodyfat 21 years old workout is 3 on 1 off the another 3 on.... i do chest & tri's..back
    &bi's and then shoulders& legs...... what I'm looking for is to get bigger and tighter, not extremely ripped kinda tight, inthe abs and the chest....and noticeable vascularity in my arms .. i want to be able to make good money doing this, as i am now i ve been told that i could do clothing ads and shit like that but moneys in the modeling where the best bodys are..what would you guys on here advise me to take.. how much... and what type of cycle......yes i have taken steroids before... but the more you know the b etter!!! anyway i was playing ball then i took winstrol and anavar ...strength went up like crazy... added some size, mostly did it for the strentgh though ...any help would be cool

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    My advice would research bro. Go and read the drug profiles and the many stacks on the web and come back when you have an idea of what you want to take and post again, with some indication of what you have decided. We can then help you.

    Cos I'm feelin' less testy today I'd go and look at Deca or Equipose/Winny and maybe some Prop. Now go research!


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    Hey shadow - i did the same thing a few years back - even had to tone done my lifting for a while because the 'massive' look wasnt in - did some of the international male stuff etc. (got tired of staying "small" so i dropped it)- PM me and I could suggest some cycles that wouldnt have bad sides - the thing you really need to look out for is keeping water retention out, like on your face etc, acne to a minimum or non existent and making sure you dont get stretch marks etc - send me a PM

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