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    Sides from sust 250, andropen 275 and deca 250

    I have gotten some bad sides from my cycle and need some advice, I'm nearly at the point where I am going to the doctor.

    My first cycle I did about 18 months ago, it was sust 250 once a week and 250mg per week of deca from a bladder from Thailand (I got it in a 10mL syringe, so it could have been anything I guess).

    I didn't get much off this cycle as my training was all wrong. I didn't notice any major sides really. Got limp dick, some acne on my back (minor), increased BP and breathing, increased appetite.

    About 4 months after the end of that course I did a course of andropen 275 1mL for 10 weeks, got heaps off it, all the same sides as before, except no limp dick.

    4 months after the end of this course I still had a bottle of deca and thought I'd give it a shot. 3 weeks in and my dick was completely dead, started to get small gains from it and my testicles went really small (scarey small). I started seeing a girl around this time and decided to stop the deca and steroids in general. This was around mid February, I'd only taken 4 shots at this point. It took 3 months for erections to start up again and things are pretty much back to normal now in that ***artment. However I got pains in my testicles and they are taking a really long time to grow back. Right now the pains have become less frequent and a lot less intense, but my balls are still noticabley smaller. I can remember that after the andropen I didn't notice my balls being smaller after my levels got back to normal. I think they may still be coming back online.
    I've orderred 2 lots of HCG and clomid from the web but ****ing Australian customs got both lots (the andro got through first time). If anyone knows of a good site for Australia it would greatly appreciated (if sources aren't allowed sorry for asking).
    Also, would taking one of the cleanser kits help clear out the residual to help my levels come back up faster or more comlpetely?
    Would tong-kat, tribilus, any other herb I don't know about help fix my balls?
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    let time heal the wound. Never mind the drugs if you plan to stay off juice. Give it another 6 months, youll balance out again.


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    Thanks for the wise words.

    Well it's the size of them that worries me most......and yes I've had my lot as far as steroids go, unless of course I go to war or an asteroid is on a collision course with earth and the world is going to end (fingers crossed, I'd love one more lot). It was fun while it lasted. In a way it would be better to to not have known what they can do for you.

    You don't think the herbs are worth a shot?

    I've got to ask, how do regular users and pros deal with the testicle shrinkage (psychologically), because I couldn't take it.

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    under your bed
    smaller balls makes it look like you have a bigger shalaylee
    and they grow back! thanks to HCG and clomid! but if I was experience what you were I would lay for a bit!

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    ^errrrr no, you will jsut look like you have small balls.

    ok just to clarify, to get a proper rebound you need to take the hcg /clomid or not?

    Gonig by what the oringal responder said, I'll just keep off everything and they will bounce back?

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