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    Hi i'm eighteen, i'm going to start weight lifting and I wanted to know what would be the best stuff to use for a short period of time because I want to get a little bigger fast but don't want to be on anything for a long period of time?

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    Ok the best stuff for you to use is Creatine ,Glutamine, Vit C and Multi vit a good quality Protein Powder and a very good knowledge of diet.Add to this 2 yrs of good weight lifting exp with good form and someone here will help you design a very good and effective cycle.

    I,m not flaming you bro I,m being totally honest and answering your question how I think it should be answered.


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    Go to the gym. Get an induction, learn about weight training exercises, buy a sport nutrition book, learn about diet. Eat well train hard and your grow very quickly, your 18, when I was your age I put on 28LBS in my first year of training.

    I know you weren't asking about Gear as you know from reading this board you have to build a natural base before venturing into that world.


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    Mike Guest
    These guys gave you a perfect answer bud - I promise you - lift hard now and look into a proper diet, training method and the supps billy recommended and you will make huge gains without juice, your natural test and growth hormone will work over time now that you just started - take advantage of that - juice will work best of you give it a natural foundation to build off of - lift natural and see how that goes - I promise you could make some quick gains naturally for now - hang out in the other forums for help on diet/training/supps etc

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    Mike is right, i didn't realize it at the time but when i was 16 i was lifting almost the same weight as i am now. My natural test production was threw the roof, everyone thought i was on juice. Then i stopped working out for a year and started back up at 18. And it took two years to get past wehre i was then, even on juice. Train hard, eat right and u'll be more then satisfied.

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    Hey Rocko

    Hey Rocko,
    Welcome to the board, if you ever need any advice feel free to PM me or one of the other guys. Good luck with your training and keep us posted of your results. We are like family here and it ain't allways about answers and questions. Somtimes we just like to kick topics around on the general form board just to get to know each other a little better. Like I said, we're like family here.

    P.S. Go through the search icon and look up my post on "training the mind, a must read for all beginners." It has 2 parts the second having the title "Training the mind Part 2". Give it a read.
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