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    one last look before i start!!

    im24 about 165lbs, 5'10, pretty cutt already...looking to gain some size and increase my cutt a little bit.....been lifting for 5-6 years...

    heres my cycle

    500mg/wk test enanth 1-10
    400mg/wk EQ 1-10
    Dbol35mg/day 1-4
    arimidex .25mg/day 1-16(?????? is this right length of time to take?)
    clomid, 300mg day1, 100mg/next 10days, 50mg next 10days (starting week 13-16)

    nizoral 2% shampoo (how often???)
    saw pawlmetto dosage help?????

    maybe 1.25 mg proscar per day???? (not sure if i should use this)???

    i have nolvadex on hand just in much should i take and for how long if i see signs of gyno????

    Anywhere you see ????? i would appreciate any help...thanx bros

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    All looks good to mee. Let us know what your gains are each week good luck bud If you have enough d-bol up in to 40m/g if not 35 is cool

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    everything is fine but proscar you have to take
    1.25mg per every 500mg of test, do not take it
    daily, proscar propecia have finasteride chemical
    which eventually will kill your libido system,
    your choice DICK or HAIR?

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