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Thread: First injection

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    First injection

    Hey whats up guys- i did my first inject. yesterday, and it really wasent as bad as I thought. Anyways all went pretty smooth except getting the deca outta the vial took forever. Any ideas on that? 23g 1.5. Thanks for your help guys.

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    Congrats bro, welcome to the dark side. Yes, deca or any oil based compound will take a while to draw into a syringe usinga 23g pin. I suggest picking up some 18g pins for drawing the gear, then switch to a 23g for injecting.

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    It also helps to inject air into the vial. So if you are trying to get 1cc out, inject 1-2cc's of air in, it will help force the oil out. But like Pete said, get either an 18 or 20 gauge pin to draw with.

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    I've struggled through the 3 minute wait w/ drawing gear with a 23g. It only took a few times for me to pick up some 18g's for that purpose.

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    Congrats bro! Welcome to the darkside..

    Put the deca vial in some hot water for a minute or two to help thin the oil out. Works well for me.


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    Yeah, I run hot water over the oil while in the vial. This will make it more workable. Then, take the syringe and draw 1-2cc of air into it. Stick it in the bottle and inject the air. This will create positive pressure in the bot. Suck it up, stick it in, and don't forget to lift afterwards!

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