i recieved this pamplet today with some meds for my wife from a compounding pharmacy, the same kind u and i recieve our hrt/trt meds. i will type out exactly what it says and hope all of u in the states will join in this fight to keep our access to these important medications, the pamplet is as follows;

the situation,

certain members of congress are proposing a law that would restrict and possibly deny your access to compounded medicines.if the law passes, federal regulators will decide what medicines u will take instead of u and your doctor.do u really want to leave your customised medicine needs in the hands of the government?

the solution,

u can help by joining patients and professionals for customised care(P2C2).P2C2 brings together patients, physicians, vetrenarians, pharmacists and healthcare advocates who know how critical compounded medicines are to modern, individualized healthcare.

membership is free. its easy-itonly takes 15 seconds to join. its effective-congress listens to their constituents.

your voice is critical to win this battle. together, we can be one voice and save your medication choices.

join P2C2 at www.savemymedicine.org TODAY!

i hope all of u that r eligible (us citizens) will join this as people with test levels in the low 200's (like myself)will suffer greatly without our meds and i truly dont want to have to find other means to get these meds.if this has already been posted i apologize and if this isnt in the right forum , peace brothers!