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    Question Need your Expertise Here, Thanks!

    I have recently obtained deca , equipoise and HGH. This will be second cycle, first was deca and primobolan .

    The question is what would be the most efficient way to cycle these compounds to have only 10-15 lbs of gain but, maximize fat loss and be able to increase the intensity of aerobic workouts (bicycling workouts). The end goal is strength, power and stamina ... is there a good way to get there from here?


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    well, first of all, im wondering why you got the HGH. That is usually needed for an advanced user. 10-15lbs is little gain for your second round and can easilly be obtained with deca and EQ alone. If you do take the growth without slin while on your cycle it will have the effect of leaning you out a bit.

    in any case there is a good bit more info we need to make any suggestions. What are your stats, weight, height, BF, etc. what kind of gear do yo have (concentrations, brand).

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    you needs test
    deca and eq are good to stack with test, but with each other?
    HGH? or do you mean HCG for post cycle.
    If HGH you need gobs of test or dbol /anadrol for igf-1 (therefore orals are of good choice in that case) some insulin and some t3.

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    good respnses cyc/mrnobody

    how much growth do you have?iu's total?you can increase it's ability for teh hgh to stay active longer after you mix the compounds by using bacteriostatic water instead of the sterile water that comes w/ gf lives in this bumblefuck town in nj and i just went to the pharmacy and said we were trying to concieve and child(haha, yeah right, kids are way too expensive!)were using hcg treatment and the doctor said what i just told you about the bacteriostatic water.i told him we were really poor and the doctor said it would increase the hcg "shelf time" so we wouldn't have to keep getting more at such a high price at the hospital.dumb fucker was clueless, said let me call you DR, i gave him my boys #, they talked and out i came w/ teh bacteriostatic water.takes some balls though to do i have to admit it's not as easy as it sounds to just roll up in a pharmacy and pull that, but here town is full of idiots,haha.just a thought.take it for what it's worth

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    As a fellow cyclist, you are looking at a bulking cycle using the current gear you have.

    The deca and EQ are similar compounds and can be run together, but dropping one and adding a testosterone would be ideal.

    However, you are going to gain mass and water, which may not be ideal for your cycling.

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