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Thread: Tapering???

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    Hey everyone I'm gonna start a new cycle in the end of October. I was gonna do Deca , Test Enanthate , and Dbol . But now I might just do the Deca and Dbol cause I don't know if I'm gonna have enough for the Test too, but I'm not sure yet. Anyway I was gonna run the cycle like this, Deca-300 mgs a week for 10 weeks, Test En.-500 mgs a week for 10 weeks, and Dbol-50 mgs a day for weeks 1-4. So, here's what I wanna know, on my last cycle I did Eq by itself for 10 weeks doing a 200/400/200 pyramid taper. It worked good but it would of worked better if I had dieted better. And I was talking to this guy that helped me out with my cycles before and this guy is really experienced and knows his shit and I had told him that I was gonna run the Deca, Test, and Dbol like I said before and he told me I have to taper so I get my natural Test levels back to where they're suppossed to be after the cycle even if I use Clomid its not gonna help my levels go back if I stay at the same dosages per week, so he said I have to taper. And I've read alot that tapering isn't necessary, its really up to the indivdual to decide what works better for them. So, I want to know if tapering is ok for this kind of cycle. If I taper I was gonna do it like this Deca 200/400/200 pyramid taper, Dbol I'm not gonna taper just gonna take at 50 mgs everyday for weeks 1-4, and if I take the Test how would you guys recommend tapering that? Sorry for the lengthliness of this thread but it took alot to get out what I needed to say. And any replies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    If anything you should have enough $$ for the test and dbol . Deca is the most expensive thing on your list. Test is cheap bro.

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    Tapering is not necessary and doesn't do anything to really bring your HPT axis on line any quicker. There is no practical reason to do it. I would save up my money and do the cycle at the dosages you first mentioned. Make sure you have clomid and an anti-e on hand.

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    not need to taper bro!!! Test is suppose to be cheaper than Deca , so I would hold off until you could your hands on some test. Other than that, Test, Deca, and D-bol is a "bread & butter" cycle!

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