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    equipoise question

    Every cycle I see with EQ in it has the stuff dosed every-other-day. It's always 100mg/EOD or 150mg/EOD. That would lead me to believe it's a fast-acting short half-life juice and that's why you stick it every other day because it's out of your system in no time. Like winstrol depot. But i've seen alot of advice that leads me to believe it stays in your system for 4 weeks. What's the answer?

    Is EQ typically injected EOD just because it's usually a 50mg/ml solution and the volume of a weekly injection would be impractical? I've seen alot of opinions that smaller and more frequent injections lead to a better absorption and higher plasma levels of the ingredient. Is this the idea behind injecting equipoise EOD ???

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    ttEQ is at 200mgs a ml and so is QV's

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    yeah bro i think the posts you see are talking about the 50 mg/ml garbage.ive seen a few ,but most of the time its 200 mg /,ml 2xwk

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