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    worried about your weight or your looks?

    Ok guys ,obviously if you gain weight your looks change right of course.Well many people I know are more worried about there weight they put on than what it looks like . Know anyone like this, it drives me crazy I've put on less weight and weigh the same as them and look 2 times their size. sometimes I fall under the spell and Iam attracted to the scale like daily. I have to pinch my self and wake up they brain wash me. This is while on a cycle and off.
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    The scale is a good way to check progress while trying to bulk. The mirror is the BEST way imo to judge progress. Who cares if you are a fat ass weighing 350 who can bench 500lbs? Personally, I would rather bench 275 at 185lbs with very low bodyfat and look ripped to the bone! You think girls are more impressed by what weights you can handle, or how you look? Do you think most people even care how strong you are?

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    the scale [email protected]!!! i always hop on it Way too often...and when i hope on like ED, and i dont gain 10 lbs ion that 24 hr period i get pissed and depressed...

    I feel the best way to check progress is by the mirror...
    You could be staying the wame weight, loosing fat and gaining muscle..and be lookin aLOT bigger....

    but if you jjump on the weigh the same...

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