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    What should I be expecting from slin?

    First some background info... I am 20 yrs old, 5'10", 221lbs. I have a long history of low insulin levels in my family (our bodies just don't produce enough insulin, 3 family members inject insulin 3 times daily). Anyways, back to the point...

    I am mid cycle, running 6-800mgs/w Test Enanthate , 50mgs/d Dbol , and I just added insulin this week. This is my first time using insulin, and I have a very high tolerance to it, as well as all other drugs/AS (knock on wood cuz I never show any side effects...). I am using 15ius in the morning, and 15ius post-workout. What kind of gains should I expect from insulin? How can I be sure I am using it correctly for mass gains? I drink my creatine + about 40g sugar within 10 min of each dose and follow with a 60g pro/80g carb shake within 1-1.5 hours and again another 50-60g protein at the 2hr mark. (I do this for both doses). Is this okay? I read the great post in the hot topics section, but these questions were still kinda unanswered. Any feedback is really appreciated.

    Train Hard.

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    Oh, and BTW I am using Humilin R.

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    IG? This one's yours.

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