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    Splitting shots of 250 - 1/2 & 1/2 --- please advise

    I love the effect of Sus 250 but hate the f**king swelling and pain in the days after.

    My mentor instructed me to hit :

    Chest @ 5/8"
    Glute @ 1 "
    Side Delt @ 1"
    Leg @ 1"
    Trap @ 5/8"
    Lat @ 1"

    Any of the above are painful... I've been staying with the glute.. due to the pain of the propinate, I can only stand the glute and while hitting 3 shots a week or 750mg, I can't hit one side of the glute twice in one week or I'll be ....

    At last injection I hit my side delt with 125mg, changed the tip and hit the other delt with the other 125mg .

    My question is, by splitting the dose does this decrease the potency of Sus ?


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    Mike Guest
    no it does not decrease the potency but you want to make sure you arent injecting too often so you arent wearing down receptors or building scar tissue - also he is wrong about injection rule - for one you should probably use a 1.5inch in your glutes unless you have a ridiculously low bf% - also, dont inject into your traps or chest etc - you arent ready - inject into your glutes, quads and delts 1in for delts/quads and 1.5 for glutes

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