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    Question Rephrased Question, w/more info

    hi all,

    Thanks for your previous responses to my other post. The big C requested stats; so here they are ...

    6'1", 185, about 10% BF. The goal of the cycle is to become leader and gain some muscle mass AND to keep those gains ... I ended my previous cycle incorrectly and added a little fat. The gear I have available is Equi200, Deca300 (ttokkyo), proviron , clomid, clenbuterol and winstrol100. Any assistance as how to combine these in an 8-10 week cycle would be greatly appreciated.

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    looks like your choices are limited in mass cycle gear.
    the deca would be one of my choices but youll definitly need some test to run with it.
    dont try running the deca alone
    eq and deca are pretty much similiar so i dont think i would run the 2 togather
    and the rest of your gear is either post cycle or for cutting
    try getting some test and youll have a great mass cycle
    some dbol would be a great addition also

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    If you absolutely CAN'T get any test. Maybe run an EQ/Winny cyicle. Won't be the best in the world, but better than taking muscle tech's garbage MUSCLE STACK!

    Won't be a MASS cycle, rather lean quality gains which might be what you're looking for.

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    Trips is right...try running EQ @ 600mg/week x 8-10 weeks and winstrol @ 100mg EOD (you did day that your winstrol was 100mg/ml correct?). Clomid post cycle 2 weeks after last injection
    300mg day 1, 100mg x 10 days, 50mg x 10days. That stack should get you some lean quality muscle and harden you up nicely.

    Shelf the deca until you can get some test and possibly some dbol ...that will be a real bulking stack.

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    Thanks for the tip guys.

    I would also like to add that I have some proviron and was fortunate enough to have a friend who is giving me some HGH ... about 3 months worth ... how would those factor in?

    Thanks again.


    P.S. Size isn't necessarily the point here ... just increasing lean mass % and the ability to finish a 60 mile road race with a CRUSHING sprint!

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