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Thread: Any advice?

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    Question Any advice?

    It's getting harder and harder to get gear, what would you guys recommend to get from this list with the least acne and water retention. I have bad acne and don't look forward to getting worse.

    Winstrol V
    Test. Cypionate
    Deca -Durabolin

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    Just wondering, what have you tried for your acne?

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    "I have bad acne and don't look forward to getting worse."

    Turn around right now and re think on using. I warn you because I had bad acne before I even started and unless im on accutane during my cycle I am in pain. I know someone else who was recently hospitlised for 5 days because it was so bad.

    If you cannot get clomid or nolvadex only go for winstrol .

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    I'm going with iron game on this one.I'd say take b5 while on cycle but if you already have acne thats a new story.

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    hey you have to take the good with the bad find an acne med that works for you and hit
    test cyp 600 and eq@600 10 wks

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