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    possible bulk cycle...

    could it be a good idea to possibly start EQ say 6 weeks before a test/tren /mast cycle @ 600mgs a week so its in full effect before the t/t/m combo?

    i was thinking test prop/tren ace/ and masteron prop could be used for a lean bulker if the diet is right. even though this is typically used as a contest prep combination i was thinking it might be a good bulker without all the side effects that come with the typical bulking cycles that consist of large doses of aromatizing steroids .

    test prop to regulate, tren for the bulk/muscle, and the mast to keep the estro sides away. with the EQ 6 weeks before to obtain a nice appetite and vascularity as well as helping to reduce the muscular fatigue associated with tren. what do u guys think? thank you

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    Just do the Test and Tren . That'll put some meat on your bones.

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    what about pct?

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    if you haven't had previous experience with Tren , I think you'll be pleased.

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    tren will cut you up, make you vascular. I lost alot of fat on tren. I couldnt do cardio without gulping for air, so i didnt. i added about 1000 calories to my diet and still lost ALOT of fat on prop/tren and gained some muscle.
    it might have to do with the fact that i sweated for like 6 weeks straight. even when i took a shower

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