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    Yet another quick DNP

    hey guys I havent been on this forum in quite some time now. Ive moved alot, bought a condo and am now engaged. Anyway I had a quick question dealing with DNP

    now along with all the important vitamins, minerals, supplements, and of course water... I had a question pertaining to the time of taking DNP

    my previous supplier used to give me pills that were 300mg, I would only take 1 a day for about 20 days....

    well since moving I had to result to a very popular person ....

    anyway if I recall his pills are 200mg so Ive been doing 2 a day.

    Now in an effort to not **** my sleep up as bad, I usually take them in the morning, however, would it be more benficial to me to split them into two doses throughout the day?...

    The reason I ask is simply to get my moneys worth of them and get the most out...

    thank you

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    DNP has a 36 hour half-life I believe, so once it really starts to build up and even out in your body, taking them both early wouldn't make a HUGH difference on sleep. Plus spreading them out will allow you to better gauge the overall effects of the DNP.

    I'd buy a window unit (a/c) and sleep next to it... naked if u have to. Best $100 I spent on my last DNP cycle.
    Also avoid carbs before bedtime, cuz they'll heat you up even more.
    BTW, I've done 600mg/day for 2 weeks a couple of times... its doable, but yeah pretty miserable. Also buy some melatonin to aid in sleep. there's 1mg and 3mg... you may only need 1mg.

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