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    Sorry Guys, but i need one last answer on Winstrol

    Everyone is going on about how you can drink Winstrol , but has anyone actually ever done it or knows of anyone that has done and it has worked?
    Can someine just give me a brief answer on how the injectable intended winstrol can work as well if you drink it?

    Thanks guys, this will be the last one.

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    SD...I'm not flaming you...I'm just lazy Click the search tab at the top of the page, type in "drink winny" or "drinking winny" and hit "enter". You will have all the information you need at your finger tips my friend.


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    Is that a pic of you in your ava? If so, lookin nice!!!

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    Oh my god!!!!!!!!!

    I know how hard it is to think that an injectable can be taken orally, but in some cases it is true.

    Anadrol , d-bol, and winstrol are all chemically identical in either form. The only reason these were made in liquid form is because it is much easier to give animals.

    Drink it! Split your doses up 2-3 times per day. This will keep blood concentrations level over the course of a day. Your results will be great if taken in the proper amount.

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    Winstrol is a 17 AA steroid , and must be metabolized by the liver. Therefore, no matter how it gets in to the body, it must pass through the liver to become active.

    Your liver does not care if you inject it, swallow it, snort it, or otherwise, it will metabolize the compound just the same.

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    x is right but...

    if tthe compund is ingested it will pass thru the liver twice as opposed to once with injection...

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    Good posts LSaver and biker. Better safe than sorry SpeeDemon no apology needed.

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    Just drink it. The main reason I think that people are always saying results are better with winstrol when injecting is cause peeps don't take enough orally. That's probably cause the tabs generally come in 2mg or 5mg tabs and since 50mg ED is a good starting dose, most don't take that orally but do take that much when injecting. 17aa is 17aa - hard on the liver no matter how you slice. Soooooo much easier to just drink the shit.

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    Re: x is right but...

    Originally posted by Joe Young
    if tthe compund is ingested it will pass thru the liver twice as opposed to once with injection...
    It just takes a different path

    The blood supply to and from the liver

    Blood enters the liver by two separate routes:

    1) The hepatic artery which brings freshly oxygenated blood to the liver. Within the liver the artery divides into fine branches which supply blood to the fine bile ducts. This blood passes on to special capillaries, called sinusoids, which take blood to every cell.

    2)The portal vein which carries blood containing nutrients from the stomach and intestine to the liver. The portal vein also carried blood from the spleen.
    The portal vein divides into very fine branches which drain into the sinusoids.
    The blood leaves the sinusoids by the hepatic vein and returns to the heart

    So either way if injecting or taking something orally(17aa) it is going to go in the blood stream just by different passages and go to the liver where by either method they go to the sinusoids and they are carried to all the cells. So just from this you can see that it DOESN'T pass twice. there is more technical data I have seen showing this but just reading the two passages to the liver sums it up IMO.
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    I quote Mike AKA GOD on this one (And this echoes the information found on the Drug profile for Winstrol )
    "First I will note that it is the rocess of changing the steroid molecularly to make the compound become active for oral administration that makes these damaging to a degree to the liver. And yes it has clearly been proven that damage to the liver is MORE common with these oral steroids than with injectibles - in fact, to my knowledge injectibles have made no sturdy claims on hepatic damage. "

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    Just a personal reflection from someone who has taken winny
    both routes. Ive shot it, drank it, popped it, everyway but venously. Its argueable that if you take the same concentrations
    orally or in the muscle the results should be compareable if not the same. Well, Ive gone back and forth on the two methods, and
    the feeling is always that injecting yielded better overall results.
    I might argue that this would be a consequence of how much of the drug that is actually absorbed thru the digestive tract. Albeit maybe a small difference to injection, if your losing maybe 5mg
    a dose and your doing 50mg ed., your losing 35mg or more a week. When you take perscription meds orally whether they be
    antibiotics, painkillers or whatever, your never getting 100% of the dose, lots of factors effect their maximum absorbtion. Intramuscular or intravenously would be far closer to 100%.

    Just my .02

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