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    Illegal to buy or just to X

    I had a question from one of my friends. He wants to know is it illeagal to buy steriods in Mexico, or is it just illegal to cross them pass the border?

    He wanted to know because he thinks he can get busted right at the time he buys it from the store.

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    If its legal in the country u can't get busted for buying now goin thru border checks and customs is another story, I heard supposedly u can bring enough for personal use. But I wouldn't try it myself. I would say mail it to urself but it'd still have to go thru customs. Ur kinda stuck there.

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    you can't bring even one tab back legally.

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    legal or not, the federales (Mexican police) pretty much do whatever they want. If they want to throw you in jail /shake you down for a bribe, they will.

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    i bought 2 amps at a stop off of a cruise ship in mexico just fine with no problems questions or anything and snuck it back on the boat to stay on while i was on vacation but you couldnt pay me enough to try and sneak some back through customs. there are easier ways of getting it if you really want it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coop77 View Post
    legal or not, the federales (Mexican police) pretty much do whatever they want. If they want to throw you in jail /shake you down for a bribe, they will.
    I heard some bad storys about people going down (Mex) to try to purchase, and WHAM, they get turned in or busted by the Mex Police for a shake down.

    Remember, you have no rights when you leave the USA, so your at there doings.

    Also the Mex Police know Gear is illegal in the USA, so beware!

    Remember rule #1
    Never buy in Person! Period! (unless it is a trusted source YOU Know.)

    Could turn into MIDNIGHT EXPRESS (the Movie)

    Peace Out.

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    Its ellegal to buy even in Mexico. There are many laws in other countries and are just not enforced (the case in Mexico).
    The best thing to do is buy alll u want and then put it in other containers then the ones that it came in when crossing border.

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