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    anything else for pct

    going to start my cycle in dec. but want to make sure i have everything on hand for just incase. I will be using test e 500mg wk and as a pct it will be nolvadex and aromasin . I dont think i will need hcg because this is my first cycle, besides what i currently have is there anything i may need during or after my cycle? thanks

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    using or not using HCG depends on the duration of your cycle, which you fail to mention, and also on your body's ability to rebound, irrespective of whether this is your 1st of 11th cycle. But generally, if you're running just one compound at a moderate dosage for 8-12 weeks, you may be able to get away without hcg, although its always better to err on the safe side.

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    Seems OK. You probably won't need the hcg if you run the test for the usual duration (12 weeks as i suppose is test e).

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