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Thread: Future Cycle

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    Future Cycle

    Hey fellas, well with the help of this board i have come a great way, loosing body fat and gaining muscle with just hard work and come clen . i am tryin to figure out a future cycle, i want to get what i need now because i have a good domestic source and dont want to wait and him no longer be around. I wont start this cycle till im about 12-13%bf right now im like 16-17% im 6'1'' and right around 200 i have done a previous cycles of Test, and then another of Test/Deca back when i was 20 which i know now is to young.

    My future cycle:
    Test Prop 100mg EOD week 1-8
    Tren A 75mg EOD week 1-8 (or maybe substitue tren with Var)
    Winny 50mg ED when should i run the winny at the beginng or end and would i be better off taking the oral or injectable

    As for PCT i wasnt sure on what to do i know A-dex or would i be better off with Letro with the Tren and some Clomid but not sure on dosage so i was lookin for some help, Thanks!

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    First - If you're going to use Tren then I'd prefer Winny tabs, otherwise if you'll use Var I'd go with injectable Winny. So if you're gonna inject it do it for the entire duration of the cycle, otherwise "eat" it for the last 4-6 weeks.
    PCT: Letro 3 weeks on .25mg - Clomid 3 weeks on 100mg the first wk, then 50mg.

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