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    how much test per week with my cycle

    ok everyone i have talked to says i need to throw test into my cycle...i weigh 180 and i want to gain some more muscle and mostly lean ive done a test winni cycle and a while back a deca only cycle wich was so stupid this is my cycle that i had came up with if anyone could please help me out how much test should i do and should i take the d-bol out since im doing the test ? any advice would help thanks

    Week 1- EQ600mg/wk Dbol30mg/ED

    week 2- EQ600mg/wk Dbol30mg/ED

    week 3- EQ600mg/wk Dbol35mg/ED

    week 4- EQ600mg/wk Dbol35mg/ED

    week 5- EQ600mg/wk Winny50mg/ED Dbol40mg/ED

    week 6- EQ600mg/wk Winny50mg/ED Dbol40mg/ED

    week 7- EQ600mg/wk Winny50mg/ED

    week 8- EQ600mg/wk Winny50mg/ED

    week 9- EQ600mg/wk Winny50mg/ED

    week 10-EQ600mg/wk Winny50mg/ED

    week 11- Winny50mg/ED

    week 12- Winny50mg/ED

    week 13- Clomid100mg/ED Letro.5mg/ED

    week 14- Clomid100mg/ED Letro.5mg/ED

    week 15- Clomid50mg/ED Letro.5mg/ED

    week 16- Clomid50mg/ED

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    im assuming your winni is oral ... and your running it back to back with dbol with no break.... i would def wait till week 8 to start the winni ...... you can run what ever dose of test you want .... min of 200mg/week.....

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    Run the EQ for 12 weeks, imo.

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    Run a long ester test at 500mg/week and, as pewntang said, start the winny tabs when you get off from dbol . Finally i'd keep the dbol dosage equal for all the weeks of intake (as you do for winny).

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    this cycle needs some work...i suggest reading through the forum some more...

    IMO (going by your numbers)....
    week 1 - 12 test E 500mg/week
    week 1 - 12 eq 600mg/week
    week 1 - 4 dbol 40mg ED
    week 9 - 13 winny 50mg ED
    week 13 - 16 PCT

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    250mg of test a week should suffice

    orals are too long

    I would do

    wk 1-4 dbol 30mg ED
    wk 1-13 Test E 250mg
    wk 1-12 EQ 600mg
    wk 10-15 Winny 50mg ED

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