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    4th cycle advice

    I 'll be doing my 4th cycle this coming winter. I currently have:
    Test E 200mg
    Test Prop 100mg
    Deca 300 mg

    I am planning on a 12-14 week cycle.
    I want use around 600mg Deca EW
    and 600-700 mg Test EW.
    Whats the best way to run the test P and test E together.
    I was thinking:
    Deca 300 EWx2 week 1-12
    Test E 200 EWX week 1-14
    Test P 75mg EOD week 1-16
    PCT week 16-20

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    Personally I would either jump start the cycle with the prop, or finish the cycle with prop only so you could jump straight into pct without having to wait for the test e to clear.

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