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Thread: Cutting Cycle

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    Cutting Cycle

    hello everybody
    i came up with 2 cycles and really confused which one to run:

    1st cycle:
    Parbolan 200mg week 1-6
    Test E 500mg week 1-10
    EQ 400mg week 1-10
    Primo 200mg week 1-6
    Winstrol 50mg ED tabelts

    2nd cycle:
    Parbolan 200mg week 1-6
    Primo 200mg week 1-6
    EQ week 6-8 600mg / week 9 400mg / week 10 200mg
    Winni 50mg ED tabelts

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    first bro parabolan works wery similar to tren ace so you must make shot EOD orbetter ED second cycle dont have any sense. EQ should be taken longer than 10 weeks 14-16 weeks should be ok.

    how much cycles you made before what is your stats i think that you newer made any cycle before becuse your cycles looks like you wnat to use all gear thet you have.

    if you dont have gear and you will buy it and want to make cutting cycle and gain good quality mass i recomended you this cycle ( wery simple, contains only 3 products and works great)

    W1-12 test prop 100mg EOD( or 50mg ed )
    W1-W6 patabolan or tren ace 75mgEOD (or 37,5mg ED )
    W7-W12 masterone 100mg EOD (or 50ED )

    you can make injection from both at the same time. shoullders should be good place 100% painless

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    thank you funbos
    i have used roids before but i didnt use it for a long time i always used to run cycles for 2 weeks and stop (happened twice with me) because of work and school but this time i will be free for three monthes which is good to run a good cycle
    your cycle sounds very good but the problem is i already have the stuff so its a bit diffcult to change. i think as u said the second cycle is not good at all. but what do u think of the first one, do u think it is too much if so then can u tell which one has to be eliminated.

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