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Thread: blood in stool

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    blood in stool

    im taking test e 1 shot a week for 12 weeks on end of first week and i went to the bathroom today and when i was done i noticed a lil blood in my shit whats the deal? has this happend to anyone else

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    Yeah, actually happened to me, Was in the first week of 500mgs a week test cycle...
    Not sure if it was cycle related, i recommend seeing a doctor cause it can be an indication of a serious problem... I did, nothing came up. It was gone after 2 days, or two crap...

    Goodluck, i hope all is well with ya

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    If the blood is bright red then no problems....if it's darker it's probably just hemroids, if it's almost black then definetly see Dr....I'd see doc anyway.

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