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    fakes and scammers

    what is everyones openion on amps? is amp gear harder to make imposters than say 10ml bottles?

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    yes it's harder to fake an amp, but it happens.

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    I prefer human grade so I go with amps... Generally, it doesnt matter, get a good source, order a good brand, and your good... In my experience, theres alot of bad UGL stuff in vials and if you dont know what your doing, yourll get burned... As amps are more expensive, you will usually find sterile oil in it if your scammed as opposed to some dangeorus unsterile bunk... There are downsides, such as amps generally not having as much Benzyl Alcohol added, and shards of glass potentially breaking off the neck and going into the mix... As a result, I usually filter... I also hate when ampoules break during transit, which is why I like to transfer them to a vial after filtering...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ima******ger View Post
    yes it's harder to fake an amp, but it happens.
    I agree with him its a lot harder to fake an amp he,s right it happens but not as much as vials imo.
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