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    getting gear tested

    i did a search on this and found nothing so my bad if im just not looking hard enough, but where could one go about finding out how to get your gear tested at in the u.s.??? and how do you go about it and what would something like this coast? thanks everyone....

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    there was a lab in the us but it got busted and all the client records got siezed,theres a thread about it here somewhere,i remember some one posting theyd found an overseas testing lab if u can find the post u can pm the member

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    testing lab for now on will need to be overseas, US is too strict..i'm interested in an overseas lab myself..

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    the problem with labs not in the usa is that they do not have the same strict testing criteria, there is 1 in germany that is very good but they refuse to do any ug labs what so ever

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