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    5th cycle in the spring. few questions...

    12 bf
    have run: tren a, deca , test e, sust, dbol , winny, var, proviron

    right now going into week 9 of a 14 week test e 600mg and deca 400mg

    for April, I'm looking to bulk again, but lean bulk

    Now, call me the biggest douche in the world but I'm terrified of the tren cough. Man, I wish I would've just had it on my last tren run so I wouldn't be as scared as a pedofile after an episode of romper room! In fact, so nervous I probably hurt myself with the injection shaking. I have no one else who can jab for me.

    So, with this said, I'm thinking of running tren e just to pin less and minimize the possibility of the cough.

    -Is this a legit move?
    -What is the general diff between tren a and e? id there h2o retention with tren e?
    -If sides get too much and I stop, how long until they subside?
    -can I pin tren e once a week? (say yes please)
    -can I pin tren e once a month at 1600 mg? hahahah jk

    cycle I'm thinking about is:
    weeks 1-12: sust 500mg/week
    weeks 1-8: tren e 400mg/week
    weeks 8-14 winstrol 80mg/day

    ldex while on

    nolva weeks 14-18 20mg
    aromasin weeks 14-18 25
    proviron weeks 12-18 50mg
    trib al the way through

    i know long post lotta q's but I appreesh!

    thanks bro's
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