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    Need a little help with something.

    Whats up guys? First time posting, but been reading and learning off it for a while. Great info! Need some help planning my cycle. Gear includes: test 250
    (20ml) eq (20ml) and winn tabs (7 weeks worth).
    train off and on for 3 years, past year was consistant.
    Past cycle: sustanon 250 and eq
    24 yrs old

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    if you want it to be a cutter, which im assuming it is with the compounds you listed you could run.

    test e 500mg/w 1-12
    eq 500-600mg/w 1-12
    winstrol 50mg ed 1-7 (since you have 7 weeks worth)

    proper ancillaries, such as an AI for on cycle just in case, and a proper pct

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    Sounds Good! Thanks For That, You Sound Sharp On This Stuff. Ill Try It.

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