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    Short Cycle (Dbol; Tren A; Test P)

    I am getting ready to run a five week cycle that I did about a year ago. It was very successful in that I gained about 15lbs and kept 10lbs. So I am shooting for the same results this year. However I have a question about AI and PCT.

    Dbol 50mg ed/Week 1-4
    Tren A 100mg eod/Week 1-5
    Test P 100mg eod/Week 1-5

    Nolva 20mg ed day 1-22
    Clomid 300mg day 1; 100mg day 2-11; 50mg day 12-22

    I am not very pron to gyno but last cycle my nipples got a little puffy. So I have read NOT to use Nolva with Tren. I have Caber for prolactin. Should I keep Arimidex on hand for the Test? Also at what sign should Caber be used? Should it automatically be run or held in case of symptons, then run?

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    The cycle looks fine...adex will good for water retention...I personally dont need anythingn when I run a cycle like that...but wait for symptoms then use if point in using if not needed.

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