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    new here, next cycle opinions

    hi, i'm new here but would like some opinions on my next cycle:

    wk 1 -13: 750mg sus
    wk 1 - 11: 450mg eq
    wk 9 - 18: 300mg win
    have clomid and nolva, 3 or 400 clem to mix in. i was thinking of adding 300mg primo from week 11 to 18 (have everything but this so far). i like long cycles, heavy in front and light, gainskeeper style at the end. figure i can probably keep 12 to 15 pounds off this.

    stats: 5'5", 208, bf: off 18 to 20%, in season, 10%, lifting 13 years, cycling for 5 or 6.

    any opinions, thanks.

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    test sound a little high maybe 500 sus bring the eq up to 600.the winny looks good but i would only run the primo @300 for the last 4 should be able to keep more than 10-15 lbs off of this cycle.if your diet and training are up to par

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    If you were going to do this right, pick up some arimidex or liquidex to keep estrogen in check. With nolvadex , I would be scared of a major rebound effect. When you would stop the test and eq, and go on to the primo and winny, you might run into some problems.

    I would do this:

    Week 1 to 10: 750mg a week of Sus
    week 1 to 12: 400mg Eq
    week 3 to 12: 50mg ED of winny( 750mg ALA ED is a must)
    week 12 to 19: 300mg of primo
    week 1 to 12: .25/.50 arimidex/liquidex ED
    week 21 to 23: clomid/arimidex therapy

    I like it!

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    soul shaker Guest

    thanks for the replies

    thanks for the replies. i can get arimidex , liquidex is a pain in the ass to get. i have run 750mg of sus in past and never had a hint of gyno, did it with deca 400mg, and eq 300mg(gains with 300 were minimal). do you think it is that important? any other opinions?

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