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    which is more supressive?

    alright so my question is... what would deliver a harder blow to your hpta system. 4 weeks on those designer orals like sd,pp,hd, or a 12 week cycle on test.

    people say that the designers(especially sd) are very suppresive, but to what extent?

    or say would a 4 week cycle of methyl tren be as suppresive as a 16 week test/deca stack?

    which of these would be harder to recover from? short oral cycles or long inj. cycles.


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    exogenous hormones suppress endogenous production.

    there is no such thing as being more than 100% shut down, but the test will fully shut you down in a couple weeks.

    4 weeks on pro h is going to shut you down to a degree, but not as much as 12 weeks of test.

    those 4 weeks of pro h are going to be a lot harder on your liver than the test would be though.

    a 16 week test/deca stack will shut you down in a day. a 100mg shot of deca results in 100% hpta suppression within a day.

    19nors such as deca and tren are the most suppressive compounds and require a solid pct to recover from

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    are you worried more about which one shuts you down for longer or which one will give you results. Seems to me like you are looking at this backwards.

    1-figure out what you want.2- figure out the safest way to get that done. 3 pct

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