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    Week 13th of my cycle. . .

    I'm on week 13th of my cycle. weight and strenght are GREAT. gained 13 pounds and dropped bf by 4%. heres how I'm running it;

    week 1-4 dbol 40mg/aday
    week 1-8 tren ace 400mg
    week 1-13 equipoise 600mg (frontloaded 800mg first week)
    week 1-? sustanon 750mg

    I've also been taking .5 mg of arimidex since day 1.

    my questions are, 1) for how long should i keep injecting the sus after i stopped the eq?

    2) when should I start pct?

    3) should I keep taking arimidex while doing the pct?

    4) since I've stacked tren in my cycle, can I take Nolva in pct?

    thanks guys..

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    How many lbs is 4% exaclty?

    good gains btw.

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    1. You can end the sust with the eq. They share the same ester.
    2. 3 weeks after last injection.
    3. YES
    4. YES

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    I thought I should keep taking the sus for 2 more weeks after stopping the eq, no?

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    no need like johny said they will both leave your system around the same time, and eq is not like tren or deca that can really keep ypu shut down.

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