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    using the same roids in different cycles??

    hey guys
    i have a question about using the same roids in different cycles. meaning, if i were to go on a cycle of anavar and primo and eq., and then took a break and did another cycle with the same roids, would i still get good results? or do you have to keep switching it up? thanks.

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    Question Not any of my business but why no test?

    Maybe do your eq/primo/anavar .....Then do another cycle of something else, and then go back to the same to keep your body guessing. I mean it wouldn't hurt, anything but your wallet. You can run an entire test cycle, what you can run for about 2 weeks of what you say you will be taking. Just keep that in my mind if you're strapped for cash. If you a cash money millionaire, do what you're doing and keep doing it.

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    i think as long as you wait long enough for your receptor to function normally,you will see no problem getting the same results as before,maybe just bump it up a little more

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    how long does it take for your receptors to function correctly?

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    from what ive heard U should stay off ATLEAST as long as U were on! I only do 2 cycles a year and my gains are way better than those who do more or never come off corectly!

    Keep gaining!

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    you do not need to use different roids and depending on the gains, u dont need any more of them then last time. It all depends on how far past your natural levels you are. the further out you are then the heavier juice you will need to make gains. I woudl also put some test in there like PPP said.

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