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    i usually don't post personal stuff on a forum like that but i lost (no she's not dead as such but she might as well be) my wife last night and do not see myself in any condition whatsoever to continue with my training on gear for this moment in time & probably a while to come.

    i am in week 3 of 500 Test + 400 EQ -the 1st week being a frontload of 1000 Test E- as well as in week 2 of 50mg Dbol ed. what's the best way to come off with minimum sides and bring natural levels back asap?

    thanks for your help

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    sorry for your loss bro. If you don't plan to finish the cycle, just stop now and follow your pre-planned pct one the compounds clear your system. good luck.

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    yeah, sorry for the issues facing you now but as for cycle advice, come off and hit PCT.

    On the other hand.. it sounds like you're depressed now or are going to be and I know I always get a little depressed in PCT and always feel great on cycle so maybe psychologically, you could use the help being on cycle gives, even if you can't utilize teh body building aspects... maybe a low dose of 250mg/EW test E would help be a happy medium??

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    sorry to hear that. yeah start your pct in 12 days because of the long esters. In 6 months this whole deal will be small potatoes for you.

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