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    Okay, I used a 10 ml bottle of sustaplex 325 for about a month (about 750mgs/week). During this time I crushed the other two vials and had to order more. But in the mean time I had to go to a local source and purchased a bottle of SUST 300 from ****labs. But for the past two weeks i have had to substitute this other sust. The problem is that it is either fake or really underdosed. Ive been losing mass, getting acne, and have not been feeling like I was during the time on the sus 325. So my question is: If the gear I have been taking the past two weeks is fake, should I jump into my PCT or would it be okay if I just jump back on the 325 when it arrives within the next couple of days? I have clomid, arimidex , and hcg for pct.
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