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    help: first timer

    so i have been looking into steroids for about 5 months now and think im ready to get started. i want to do a cutting cycle. but i odnt know where to get started. i was looking at the roid store on this site. is that legit? i dot know if im ready to jump right into injecting stuff so are there pills that work well? any help would be great

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    Well the first thing people are gonna ask you is: what are your stats? and what are your goals??... As for the roid store, dont waste your money, go with real juice... And as for what you shoud take, orals will [email protected] up your liver alot more than injectables plus injected is always better (i dont know why everyone is against needles)... As for what you can take winny (winstrol ) i know is excellent for cutting but its not a good idea for a winny only cycle, and i think you can stack Test with it but not sure wich kind, that and a good cutting diet and you'll get what you want... Oh and a good PCT, cant forget that...

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    Needles and using test is a big step and should not be taken lightly . Make sure you research and have a full understanding of what you are getting into , before you make the final step . Have you tried supplements and diet , what about a change in work out regimens to reach your goal ?

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