Weeks 1-4

Test Prop 150 EOD

Epistane- Reccomended Dose


Looking at 1,4 Bold, Trenadrol, or H-drol.

I also have 2 bottles of M4OHT, i think it was called. Deca /var clone.

Maybe IGF LR3 if I can find it.

What do yall reccomend?

I would like to put on 15lbs keep 10-12.

PCT will be in order, letro and tamoxifin. might throw in 2 weeks of clen .

Last April-May I ran 6 weeks of 4ad and MDHT. I would like to run a Test/Tren Cycle this summer, I'm also thinking about saving myself lots of money and just running it now. Thing is I'm in school right now and I can run the 4 week PH/Prop cycle over Christmas break, thats why I was thinking about running the Test/Tren, possible IGF (i'm having trouble finding it, do the research companies particularly EYE BE E not carry it anymore?) over the summer, I'll prolly have slightly better results over the summer, more time to eat,lift cardio.

Point is, It would save me alot of money to just run Test/Tren or Test/NPP now and be off for 8-12 months than it would to run a PH cycle now and Test/Tren over the summer.