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    was just wondering what people think of primo coz i can get some off a new supplier is it worth it?

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    I think most will say it's gentle but most muscle gained with it will stay.

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    Primo is good at helping you keep lean body mass, but you will see no visual differences in your appearance or performance for the most part. I think of it as insurance that you purchase pre contest while training and being in a calorie deficate. It will help you maintain muscle mass, but will do little for adding more. I would not recommend taking it if you plan on being over 10% body fat. Save the money, and put it towards something else.

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    If your looking for a quality lean look with the least possible sides primo is the way to go. Primo works very well and you will keep all your gains, I would run it for about 10 weeks at 200mg a week. That is sufficient although some of the guys will run it at even 800mg a week to each their own. I ve know people running it for 100mg a week alone and got great results. Primo is a great "fat burner" it does not interfear with your natural test level much at all no bloat at all just a clean over all drug that is very mild at your system. If you could mix EQ with it or even winny or anavar it would be great. im gonna run primo/eq/var pretty soon myself least amout of sides with quality gains.

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