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Thread: EQ vs Deca

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    Question EQ vs Deca

    I thinking of doing a mass cycle with EQ this time around. I have only used deca in the past. Any comments on which is better?

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    Deca is better for overall mass, but I like Eq in mass cycles so I can control the estrogenic sides easier than if I had to worry about progesterone.

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    Good point LAWN.

    BTW, can you catch me a fish?

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    i prefer eq over deca it only aroatizes slightly and dosent cause too much water retention.
    you get good quality keepable gains from eq

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    i only use deca when i feel my joints and tendons beginning to hurt, never have been a big fan of deca. eq will add quality to any mass cycle.

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    CYCLEON Guest
    Im not a deca fan but most people can get it easier than EQ. but EQ has three things going for it.

    1) I like to be able to salute the flag if the occasion "arises"
    2) Estrogenic sides are easily controled with liquidex
    3) It has a greater ability to make you hungry, which is helpfull for eating all thats needed to gain properly.

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    Ranger Guest
    Well....Really can't add to this one now can I...????

    EQ....It does a body good!!!


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    damn thats' so funny

    my friends and i made those shirts last summer and sold them at the shore in my friends Tshirt shop!!

    it's in grey and says in black: "STEROIDS : It Does A Body Good" and don't think of stealing that shit jayson cause i have the trade mark on it and he has the licencing papers on it!!hahaha.i'll sue your ass.oh now i have to take a picture w/ me wearing it to show you's so funny.

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