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    Question on cutting after cycle?

    Hey guys,
    I am currently on a 12 week cycle of sustanon @ 500/wk and Equipoise @ 400/wk. This is only my second cycle. When I am done I would like to shed the extra fat. I would like to do it with exercise and xenadrine. I have gained some extra weight in the midsection that I wouldnt mind getting rid of because I am so used to being real cut. My abs are under there somewhere. Anyway, I am almost done with my cycle(only about 3 weeks left) and I was wondering when would be the best time to start the xenadrine. Would it help me keep muscle or hurt me when I was coming off? I am currently 6'4 250-255 and would like to lose about 10-15 pounds of fat. Will the xenadrine work well or do I need to aquire some clenbuterol ? Ok well any input would be appreciated.

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    definately get some clen . you can take te xenedrine now. you will lose some of the softness in your midsection simply by getting off of the gear. once the water weight falls off your abs will be better. you just have to be sure to keep your workout intensity up and keep your diet right. its real easy to lose your motivation after your cycle , everything is beter on gear.

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