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Thread: gynecomastia

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    Unhappy gynecomastia

    I had it 6 years ago and now im going to do a cycle to fill my chest back in.Had an operation it's pretty painful.It sort of leaves your chest concave a bit depending on how big you are.Now i want to go hard on the chest and build it up.

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    Shitty to hear bro. I have never had a problem with gyno but I know a few who have and it sucked. Just be careful and get ATLEAST some nolvadex (if not airmidex) for next cycle. If you have had it ounce it can come back and odds are you are a bit more prone to it now.

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    Bro make sure you have arimidex or liquidex on hand and you should not be concerned about getting it again.


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    i hvae never used any gear before, and i have natural gyno from puberty. i am getting the gyno removed, but i want to do a small cycle of test before the surgery. probably i will complete teh cycle a month before the surgery. Is this a good idea, since im getting the gyno removed i figure i might as well build up my chest now so its solid after the surgery. what do you think?

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