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    Question First Cycle question

    Ok, check this out. I said before that i didn't have a lot of cash flow but i could afford to do a cycle of 1 or 2 AS. I was at first thinkin Sust. and D-bol but do you have any other suggestions. This is just for mass.

    Thanks Alot,


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    Try reaserching T200 and deca . Also dont forget the ani e's or clomid just cause of cash problem.

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    a lot of the mass building AS are kinda pricey, but if you are gong for mass and you want to keep it, what is the problem with spending some serious cash for something that will last
    for a first time cycle i like the ole
    200-400mg deca 1-10weeks
    250-500mg sust250 or omnadren 1-10 weeks
    if you are 100% dedicated and can take drinking a gallon or so of water a day and taking enough milk thistle a day... add 25-40mg d-bol per day weeks 1-4

    good luck
    dont forget an antie such as novaldex if you see signs of gyno .. proviron is a bit better to actually stop the estrogen build up
    clomid for post cycle of course

    dont rush into this, research, save up and plan... if you plan everything out... you may only want and have to do this once and then you have saved yourself a lot of time and money.

    finally, you wont see any results unless you workout and diet correctly, rememer that. my diet on my first cycle (occuring as we speak) is 4200 calories, 600 carbs, 250-300 protein a day!

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