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    sutenon and deca legits

    I've got an ampule of sustenon from turkey with yellow writing printed on it and the organon logo.

    I also have deca from greece 2ml 200mgs with nandrolone decanoate norma written on the bottle with a blue and white label manufactured by norma hellas

    Can anyone tell me if these are legit?

    Can anyone also provide me with links as to where I can go to look at legit and illegit roids?


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    Talking in the wrong forum?

    You need to post this under steroid pics. It would also help if you could take a digital picture of them.

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    ptbyjason Guest
    No this is ok. As long as he isn't posting pics of actual gear, it would be better to go ahead and post it here.

    I like your style though Black Stang. Gotta appreciate anyone who helps keep the board organized. Thanks man.

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