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Thread: Sus and Tren?

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    Sus and Tren?

    Just been reading around the site for the past hour, im bored in work!

    I got a thought, i prob wont try this cycle, but whats your views on this, i believe it would put mostly mass (if you did the cardio) but a bit of bulk (water) on you and you could keep most of it.

    Sustaplex 325 (Testosterone Mix), 325mg per ml it has:
    30mg/ml Testosterone Acetate
    50mg/ml Testosterone Propionate
    50mg/ml Testosterone Phenylpropionate
    90 mg/ml Testosterone Cypionate
    105mg/ml Testosterone Decanoate

    Trinaplex 200 (Tren mix) 200mg per ml it has:
    50mg/ml trenbolone acetate
    50mg/ml trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate
    100mg/ml trenbolone enanthate

    If you were to shoot eod, .75ml sus and 0.5ml tri tren.

    then every week your getting approx 850mg test and 350mg tren.

    (because in 2 weeks ther would be 7 shots = eod = approx 1700mg test and 700mg tren)

    any maybe lob in an oral too, dosed accordingly?

    the reason i pick these two mix compounds is because i feel the esters reflect well on each other. As for PCT do you think the standard anthony roberts PCT would do?

    whats your views? it would be intresting to see what gains someone would make on this cycle, anyone tried it?

    or should someone considering using test with tren just stick to the more simple version of it, test p and tren a injecting both ed.

    whats your thoughts?


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    i would stick with test prop and tren , reason being that sust need to be shot ed to maintain optimum stability in blood levels.

    if you're using tren and its your first time with it, acetate is the way to go to see how your body responds and to adjust dosage accordingly if the sides are too much.

    plus if you are pinning ed with sust, why not pin ed with test prop and tren ace?

    anthony roberts pct is said to be very good with suppressive cycles

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    no i meant eod injections. it was just a thought, personally i dont mind ed injections, i was doing it with prop and npp.

    i agree ideally tri tren and sus should be injected each day to make use of the acetate and prop esters.

    but ive read here it can also be shot eod.

    i kinda answered my own question saying u mise aswell stick with test p and tren a didnt i! lol.

    stick to one ester compound = best way forward isnt it!

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