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    Why do injections stop hurting...

    I've been wondering about this.

    When I was on a omna cycle the shots hurt like a bitch the day after injection, but the post injection pain faded and disappeared after about 3 weeks.

    i just injected in quads. Alternating right and left.

    Is it because of scar tissue build up? Or is it oil&juice that stays in the muscle tissue and and helps deaden the pain forthe next injection. I figure that decanoate ester in sust must hang around in the muscle fiber for a long time after injection. The oil in the sust must hand around in muscle fibres for a long time too I would guess.

    And why do shots hurt the day after injection? Is it the benzyl alcohol in the gear?

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    Why does an open wound still hurt the next day? Cause you're body's tryin to repair anything "unnatural" that's done to it. Some pain is associated with the alcohol content, but mostly is because there's basically a foreign substance in your ass / leg / wherever. Also, you're breaking through tissue on the way in with the needle, so it's repairing that too.

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    your body is very intelligent when it comes to handling learns how to react to a constant stimulus.much like training.that why we change up our rountines for KEY said, your body builds up a defense for the action you are placing upon it.

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    You seemed to have answered your own question with the oil lingering. Shit takes a while to dissolve. Keep aggressive with site rotation, or your girls gonna get a handful of scar tissue next time she's grabbing your ass.

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