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    are these good results for 3 wks.

    my cycle is 500mg of sust a wk for 8wks.
    400mg of deca a wk for 8wks. 30mg of d-bol a day for 6wks. i'm coming in ending wk three. and i went from 193 to 206. look a little bloated and a bit leaner. has the sust and deca kicked in yet or it's still early to see major results. thanks guys.

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    I would say that they are good gains! I am on the same cycle right now and I am at the end of week 4. I take 40mg ED of d-bol just about finished it though but hopin to get more to last me till week 6. I would say that you have made some good gains. I went from 185 to 200lbs in 3 weeks!

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    I had a similar return when up 14LBS, now up 16LBS at the end of weeks 5, however, I feel the Sus and Deca will add more weight now!


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    This seems to be a good novice stack and everyone seems to respond well to it can,t wait for my turn now!!


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